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Posted by Mitch Preciado on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at 3:57pm.


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Mitch Preciado April 13, 2019 Why Is There So Much Traffic... All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #23

Taking the last couple weeks off blogging (sort of a tiny springbreak), the family ventured to Southern California to primarily look at colleges and a track meet . Of course some pre-planning had to be done to ensure we didn't waste precious time in unnecessary traffic. Didn't help much... once you are stuck in traffic you are stuck!

Did you ever stop to think about what causes traffic in the first place. Well, beyond the obvious, road capacity or fluid dynamics will tell you that only so much flow can move through a particular pathway. But beyond that... human nature and poor driving skills add a whole lot to increasing traffic. Rubber necking, tailgating, distracted driving, excessive braking (domino effect) all contribute to a highly innefficient driving experience for us all.

Solutions for our traffic... Absolutely and they start with autonomous drivers... Platooning is one example of this. When all vehicles have autonomous technology, cars will be able to speed up and slow down, and merge without human interaction, creating much less congestion. Platooning allows vehicles to communicate with each other allowing them to travel consistently. It also eliminates human error that causes issues like “phantom traffic,” caused by the ripple effect of drivers braking in the middle of a freeway.

Real Estate News: Speaking of traffic... market is heating up

During the last two weeks significant traffic in the One80 office. Listings, closings, purchases, and refinances. We are consistently helping our clients solve their Real Estate challenges and are ready to help you. Refinance rates continue to be favorable... call us to see if we can help save you some money! Contact [email protected]



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