The Exercise Dilemma...

Posted by Mitch Preciado on Friday, March 22nd, 2019 at 3:43pm.

Mitch Preciado March 22, 2019

The Exercise Dilemma...

All thinks nothing, something, and Real Estate

It's tough getting older and having to worry about our health and well being. Watching our weight, trying to stay fit, keeping up with our children and then grandchildren! Typically our body changes but our habits don't, not the perfect recipe for aging!

What do Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Spain have in common? These five currently rank as the top highest life expectancy countries in the world. What are the key factors that we can take away from these countries: Eating less (try stopping before you actually get full), lots of vegetables (meat is OK but vegetables should generally be much more than meat), low stress, give back to the community, seafood and or seaweed. There are many other traits as well, not all are definitive or conclusive but resonate with these life expectancies.

Exercise is also the key factor among this group, however we are not necessarily talking about a daily regimen at the local gym. Just moving and exercising on a daily basis is key. Many in this group are farmers or individuals that had daily chores. In one case there was a lady over 100 and every day she walked up a few hundred stairs to sell her eggs in the village. A study shows that smokers who exercise live as long or even longer than non smokers who don’t exercise. Certainly not advocating smoking but not exercising has been shown to be worse than smoking.

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