The Automation of Our Homes...

Posted by Mitch Preciado on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at 1:07pm.


The Automation of Our Homes... Mitch Preciado

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #20

Thinking back to say, the seventies, there were so many things that we had to do manually that I don't think I can count them all. Get up to change the channel on the TV!! Go to the other room to answer the phone!! Put a new tape in the VCR. Change the temperature on the thermostat.

Remember the first time you put a remote control in your parents hands! Would they be amazed today with Alexa or Siri or Google? Don't even have to get out of bed to change the temperature on the Air/Heater!

And introducing the latest gadgets out there... from the Wi-Fi cameras throughout your home... to the automated doorbell that, for example, would let you talk to the delivery person with that important package and let him in your house instead of leaving it on the porch!?

Real Estate News: Renting or Buying?

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