Is the World too Crowded...

Posted by Mitch Preciado on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 1:52pm.


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Mitch Preciado May 15, 2019 

Is the World Too Crowded...

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate - # 24

Current population of the world is approximate 7.6 million with the U.S. in third place at 328 million. However the two most populous countries far exceed the U.S. by 1 billion each! Where do we go from here... consensus has the world population exceeding 11 billion by the year 2100. Question is - Can the Earth sustain this growth?

This growth has long term consequences on the planet including: more land being needed for agriculture; more resources being used just to sustain the population; habitats being destroyed; resources unable to be replenished; negative affects on the atmosphere. In short sustainability has become a common topic in the new millennium. The answer isn't simply better 'technology' to overcome our utilization of the planet but should include lifestyle changes from all population areas, primarily those in the industrial nations that leave the biggest footprints on the environment.

What about controlling family growth? China's One-Child policy is not without faults and has had some adverse effects. Lifestyle changes should be organic and not forced upon the population. Consider the education of women and the subsequent outcomes: Where women have been empowered and educated they choose to have smaller families. More freedom leads to better planning, delaying marriage which leads to a postponement of their first child. A study in Africa shows women with no education having 5.4 children; with secondary school 2.7 children; and those with college 2.2 children.

Real Estate News... With population comes housing shortages

There is no question we are feeling a little population crunch in California. In fact the Governor has stated a goal of 3.5 million homes by the year 2025. Currently our building rate is approximately 85,000 per year way below the goal. Many impediments to reaching this goal including, environmental laws, taxes and fees, low density building, and NIMBYism. Still looking for that house?

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