How the next generation will save the world...

Posted by Mitch Preciado on Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 11:38am.

Mitch Preciado January 10, 2019

How the next generation will save the world...

All things nothing, something and Real Estate - #13

By some accounts our ancestors have been here for more than 6 million years, Homo Sapiens over 300,00 years, and the industrialization of the planet since the 1800's. Let's face it, without the intelligence and creativity of man most of us wouldn't be living our current lifestyle. But at what cost? Have we caused irreparable damage and if so can the next generation get us back on track?

There are numerous ideas out there that can be implemented such as: Collecting Solar Energy from space (no clouds up there) and microwave beaming it back to earth. Big ideas yes, but implementation and collaboration between countries can only make these visions occur.

How does collaboration even begin in this day and age? Out capitalistic society with me first attitude, NIMBY, corporate rule, partisan politics, all make for a very challenging way to effectively change our current lifestyles. Perhaps the small ideas start at home, go local, grow regionally, and then collaborate nationally...

Real Estate News: Does your Real Estate office collaborate as a team?

When thinking about all of the possible parts of a Real Estate transaction, buying or selling, and even financing, does your Real Estate office work together or encounter timely delays when trying to close a deal. More questions?

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