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Posted by Mitch Preciado on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 3:28pm.


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Mitch Preciado August 7th, 2019 Giving Back to the Community....

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Many of us have thought about giving back to the community but wonder in what capacity, do I have the time, will it really benefit those involved, etc. In many cases your hourly wage doesn't match up with the time expended with the activity. However, there are many other benefits to philanthropic gifts such as, increasing your quality of life, lower blood pressure, a surge in happiness, and many others.,

Need help in figuring out where you best fit in? Consider these areas that could utilize your help and time: Start with your local school, classroom volunteering. Coaching at all levels, eg., Little League, Soccer, School Teams. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts. City Cleanups. Shelters, SPCA, Food Banks, American Red Cross, the list goes on and on. Find out where your passions are and try to align with a like organization.

When looking at statistics for the U.S. it appears that the 80/20 rule closely applies to community service, as in 20% of the population contributing to 80% of the volunteer hours reported. To be more specific about 25% of Americans  (apprx 68 million people) contribute about 8 billion hours of service. Still leaving about 75% of us with the opportunity to Give Back to the Community. How will you give back?

Real Estate News... How do we give back?

Here at One80 Realty we have given back to the community in various ways. Our community Easter Egg Hunt is a huge hit in the community. Coaching youth sports is a passion for some of us. Leading the local Boy Scout troop and helping with numerous Eagle Scout Projects is also a huge way of giving back. Hope to see you out in the community soon! Contact [email protected]




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