DIY Upgrades for Under $100 - Part Nine

Posted by on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 1:00pm.

If you're looking for a big improvement in how your home looks and feels, check out these Do it Yourself projects. Most all can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time, with minimal investment. I'll be posting a series of these, so stay tuned. All can be found at This Old House magazine.

This is a series of DIY projects. Please be sure to see previous Posts.

Would love to hear any ideas you may have for future posts, let me know!


Fill the Paver Cracks

How to do it: Plant low-growing English thyme to prevent weeds from sprouting between pavers. Just sow seeds in early spring so that they'll sprout as the temperature rises.

Estimated cost: 400-seed packet, about $2; Diane's Flower Seeds


Brush On a Welcome Mat

How to do it: Make this diamond-patterened ruglike mat on your stoop by mapping the design with painter's tape and using a
roller to put colors in their places.

Estimated cost: 2 quarts of Valspar latex Porch and Floor paint, about $24; Valspar


Switch Out Your Island Hardware

How to do it: Change the hardware on your kitchen island to give it the look of custom furniture. Leave the existing knobs and handles on the cabinets alone.

Estimated cost: Melon Knob and Melon Handle, about $26 for both; Anthropologie


String Dazzling Lights

How to do it: Run rope lighting along the bathroom vanity toekick for a soft ambient night-light.

Estimated cost: SuperBright's 2-foot strand, about $8; LAMPS PLUSiles $14 each; Pewabic Pottery


Flank the Bed

How to do it: Build a wall-mount bedside table with wood corbels topped by a slate roof shingle.

Estimated cost: Two 6-inch oak Legacy hand-carved corbels, about $80; Van Dykes Restorers. 7-by-13-inch salvaged shingle, about $5; Recycling The Past - Architectural Salvage

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