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Mitch Preciado May 15, 2019 

Is the World Too Crowded...

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate - # 24

Current population of the world is approximate 7.6 million with the U.S. in third place at 328 million. However the two most populous countries far exceed the U.S. by 1 billion each! Where do we go from here... consensus has the world population exceeding 11 billion by the year 2100. Question is - Can the Earth sustain this growth?

This growth has long term consequences on the planet including: more land being needed for agriculture; more resources being used just to sustain the population; habitats being destroyed; resources unable to be replenished; negative affects on the atmosphere. In short sustainability has become a

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G&S Farms in Brentwood is kicking off the U-Pick cherry season this weekend! 


Head over on May 11th for your farm fresh cherries! Who's in?

To see G&S Farms events, schedules and more on their Facebook page HERE!

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