October 2017

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Update time!  The painting is done! We went with the grey on the walls and the white on the cabinets from my last post (read it HERE). Here are the photos. Ignore the couch in the middle of the room! 

For the cabinets, I wanted to use an in progress photo so you can see the grey below it (what the walls will be) and the old paint color above it. 

For the handles on the cabinets and drawers, we went with a 3" satin nickel finish handle from home depot for $19.48 for a 6 pack (see on website). We are super happy with them! They are sturdy and look really sleek on the white cabinets. 

Finding the correct cabinet hinges were the hardest part! Trips to Home Depot, Ace, Orchard and Lowe's in 4 separate trips and 4 purchases (and 3…
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I can't say enough about this family. I've known them for many many years and we've become very close over the last 5-6 years. When I got the call to help out, I was ecstatic! Not because of the deal but because of the trust they had in me to be able to do the deal correctly and on time. Thank you Chris and Devina and I look forward to the next chapter in your life! 


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Happy Halloween 2017!
There are TONS of local festive events to check out and enjoy! 

Hopefully you got a chance to check out the Scarecrows in the Park that just ended this past weekend. Our company display got 3rd place! Check out our last blog HERE to see the other winners of the contest and what our display looked like! We also got featured in the East Bay Times!  

Here is a quick look at the upcoming events so you can plan your weekend:

Smith Family Farm's Pumpkin Harvest - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekends and 12-5 pm on weekdays, through October 31st
@ Smith Family Farm, 4430 Sellers Avenue, Brentwood 
Hayrides, pick your own pumpkin and much more!
Admission is $10 on weekdays and $12 (adults) and $10 (children under 12) on weekends.

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The winners of the Scarecrows in the Park contest were announced! There were 23 participants in this year's contest and a top 3 awarded. Drum roll......

We got 3rd!! We were excited and honored to place in the top 3 as it was our first year participating and we had no idea what to expect.

If you didn't already see it, here's our scarecrow display:

Check out our blog post about how it all came together HERE.

We also would like to recognize the very creative 2nd and 1st place winners:

In 2nd place: Heroes & Sheroes by Ms. Lily & Friends Pre-school

And in 1st place: Jack Skellington by The Candy Shack in Downtown Brentwood. 

Again, we had an absolute blast participating in this year's Scarecrows in the Park put on by the City of Brentwood! We are looking forward to…
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Who says you can't have fun at work?  We got a little spooky at One80 this week and entered into our community's Scarecrows in the Park competition. It wouldn't have been the One80 way if we didn't all  pitch in and go all out. Check out our new haunted listing and REALTOR® Kevin (yes we named him... lol) We had many laughs along the way, check out progress photos as well as the spooky results below! You may just want to enter next year, I know I recommend you do!

And the haunting product......

Go down to City Park and take a look for yourself and let us know what you think! The winner will be announced before the movie in the park this Friday, October 20th.
Hope to see you there!
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Thank you so much BeBe and Mac for your trust and your nice review! It's always great when friends refer family to have me help them and they become friends of mine as well! Looking forward to the next party at the house and I look forward to helping you again in the future.

#one80 #clientsfirst 

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Scarecrows are up in City Park! Our team worked together to create our Haunted Open House scene. 

We built the house out of wood pallets and a bunch of Halloween decorations to make it spooky. Our REALTOR® (who we named Kevin) is stuffed with creativity and passion (AKA newspaper). Kevin is also fitted in One80 swag, of course. Here are some pictures from the building process and the final result! 


And the result...

Let us know what you think! Also, make sure to go check out ours and all of the scarecrows in City Park in downtown Brentwood. The winner is announced on Friday before the Movie in the Park. Enjoy!
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Alright the first step is to get ready for painting! We took down all the doors and kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get them ready to be painted. Our painter came in and taped everything off while we removed all door handles and hinges. 

My favorite part so far was looking at paint colors. Who knew there could be so many different shades of greys and whites??

After looking at a wall full of different greys, we found one we liked at Sherwin Williams. They have an app called Color Snap. (They also have it on their website)

I could splash that color on the walls of their example photos to see if I like it. I still bought their $6 sample and put it next to a few different shades to make sure I really liked it before I committed to it. This is from Color Snap,…
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The City of Brentwood is holding their annual Scarecrows in the Park event next week! 

Make sure to go check them out in City Park! Bet you won't be able to guess which one is made by our team at One80!  

Scarecrows will be on displays starting on the 16th and the winner is announced on the 20th before the Movie in the Park. Don't miss it! 

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