September 2015

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Talk about fun! I had the pleasure of helping the Kirby family purchase their first home. I couldn't be happier for Alexandra, Brian, Sebastian and Ezakiel! Alexandra & Brian both served our country and I can't thank them enough for fighting for my families freedom!

Every time we talked about their purchase it was to help educate on the "why" . I remember when we where talking about raising the credit score and they asked how big of a difference will it make? I showed them the difference in interest rates and they said yes we will go ahead and get that completed ASAP.

Sebastian was my little helper and I would teach him how to describe every property we would see and than he would tell me how he was going to sell it! We have ourselves a REALTOR® in

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I had the pleasure of helping great friends and also my next door neighbors sell their home. It was fun, entertaining but also sad. We have been neighbors for many years and it wont be the same without them. Alexandra wont be able to say "Baby!" and run up and give Noah a hug.

Congratulations on your new home and I can't wait to see the finish product!!

Thanks again for allowing me to share this moment with you!

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I must say I think we all know the answer but why not really look at a visual. Their is no sign off it slowing down and we all must ask ourselves why?

We keep paying it and it will keep happening. Until you take control of the roof over your head this will be an issue. It's tough we need to pay rent, bills, food, a little fun and not enough money to save for down payment. Trust me I get it

What small changes can I make to position myself to be able to break the cycle? There is many ways but I will share a few . " We have to try " we need to look at all expenses and see where we can save money.

Step 1 - The first place is credit card debt. Paying interest is a waste of money and getting out of debt you can now use that money for a savings account.

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