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Mitch Preciado April 13, 2019 Why Is There So Much Traffic... All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #23

Taking the last couple weeks off blogging (sort of a tiny springbreak), the family ventured to Southern California to primarily look at colleges and a track meet . Of course some pre-planning had to be done to ensure we didn't waste precious time in unnecessary traffic. Didn't help much... once you are stuck in traffic you are stuck!

Did you ever stop to think about what causes traffic in the first place. Well, beyond the obvious, road capacity or fluid dynamics will tell you that only so much flow can move through a particular pathway. But beyond that... human nature and poor driving skills add a whole lot to increasing

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The 5th Annual Discovery Bay Triathlon is this Sunday! 


Head over to the Discovery Bay marina to see the athletes do their 700 yard swim, and take off on their bikes for the 16 mile cycle. Stick around for finish line finale and see who wins! 

Enjoy music and tons of awesome vendors while you're there! 

To see more on this event, check out their facebook page HERE


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It's this moment RIGHT HERE...

Their excitement and joy as they put that SOLD sign on the post. The smiles and hugs of excitement over what we worked together to accomplish. The tears of appreciation and love getting their "home is where the heart is" sign.

There truly are no words that can describe how I felt living these moments. I can't say it enough times, this is why I am a Realtor. #MyWhy

I am beyond lucky to have this amazing of clients. I am truly grateful for their trust in me to get their home sold and for the most money possible. My heart is so full!

Love you Morris'. Thank you so much for giving me these moments.

#AllyGibbsRealtor #MyWhy


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Great things this week in 3's!! 

THREE listings closed over asking for our awesome clients.
THREE sets of excited sellers ready to move towards the next step in their journey.
THREE 3D scans for new properties being strategically prepped for the market.
THREE cities with a new home hitting the market with the #One80Difference -- Brentwood, Oakley and Pittsburg
And finally,
THREE of our core values continuously met by our team -- Integrity. Passion. Originality.



DRE# 01902986

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Prepping another listing to hit the market next week. This one is going to be a mind-blowing deal for the new buyer. You just don’t find the quality of upgrades and size this home has in Brentwood for $505,000

We don’t just put a sign in the ground and hope. We strategically market our seller’s home regularly bringing them multiple offers and top dollar. 

To learn more about how we do it, check out 

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The home selling market has heated up in March! More sellers are ready to sell and buyers are back in droves taking advantage of lower interest rates. There is a big difference between REALTORS and what the end result they will get for you. Let me show you why we outperform the market. Just remember the end result is not fixed, who you pick as your agent will make all the difference. 


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Mitch Preciado March 22, 2019

The Exercise Dilemma...

All thinks nothing, something, and Real Estate

It's tough getting older and having to worry about our health and well being. Watching our weight, trying to stay fit, keeping up with our children and then grandchildren! Typically our body changes but our habits don't, not the perfect recipe for aging!

What do Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Spain have in common? These five currently rank as the top highest life expectancy countries in the world. What are the key factors that we can take away from these countries: Eating less (try stopping before you actually get full), lots of vegetables (meat is OK but vegetables should generally be much more than meat), low stress, give

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Mitch Preciado March 15, 2019

How to run faster!!!

All things nothing, something, and real estate... #21

Watching my son participate in High School sports, in particular track, has brought me back to the day when I ran in school. Back then we did everything, and in many meets we competed in four events every meet. Today there is a little more specialization going on and it's not uncommon for an athlete to just run one, maybe two, events. With that comes more specialized coaching in order to get the athlete to run faster! It's simply not about running more miles and building endurance.

With around 150 different brands of running shoes on the market many athletes are being marketed to by the big boys out there, but buyer beware! We now have

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Come join the team at One80 for a morning of family fun!

Veterans Park on Balfour is an amazing park for the kiddos and the perfect venue to host our event.

The super fun play area to keep the kids busy before the hunt begins is a perfect segway to the easter egg hunt. 

We break it up into different groups to keep it fun, safe and fair.

Group 1 - 0-2 yrs old
Group 2 - 3-5 yrs old
Group 3 - 6-9 yrs old

After the kids grab up all of the eggs, come over to the picnic area and join us for prizes for the kids and lunch for all!

Enjoy burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks with us as we hang out and enjoy the time with our family.

Come hungry, leave full!


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The Automation of Our Homes... Mitch Preciado

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #20

Thinking back to say, the seventies, there were so many things that we had to do manually that I don't think I can count them all. Get up to change the channel on the TV!! Go to the other room to answer the phone!! Put a new tape in the VCR. Change the temperature on the thermostat.

Remember the first time you put a remote control in your parents hands! Would they be amazed today with Alexa or Siri or Google? Don't even have to get out of bed to change the temperature on the Air/Heater!

And introducing the latest gadgets out there... from the Wi-Fi cameras throughout your home... to the automated doorbell that, for example, would let

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