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Mitch Preciado August 23rd, 2019 Is there a Recession Coming... All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #27

First of all, what exactly is a recession and how do we know when we are in one? Think about a balloon expanding (economy) as you continue to blow air into it. Our economy has been expanding since June 2009 for 122 consecutive months. There have been 33 recessions since 1854 in the United States. At some point this expansion must end. The question is when will the contraction begin..

Even though a recession is a normal part of the business cycle, it can be an unpleasant time in our lives. With a slowdown in growth sometimes comes higher unemployment, stock market decline, social and political distress, uncertainty, etc.

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Mitch Preciado August 7th, 2019 Giving Back to the Community....

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #26

Many of us have thought about giving back to the community but wonder in what capacity, do I have the time, will it really benefit those involved, etc. In many cases your hourly wage doesn't match up with the time expended with the activity. However, there are many other benefits to philanthropic gifts such as, increasing your quality of life, lower blood pressure, a surge in happiness, and many others.,

Need help in figuring out where you best fit in? Consider these areas that could utilize your help and time: Start with your local school, classroom volunteering. Coaching at all levels, eg., Little League, Soccer,

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Head over this weekend to the Brentwood City Park and enjoy some local wine, beer, music, art displays, art vendors, crafts for kids and more!

We love seeing events happening for our community, especially ones like this for the whole family! 

Friday, June 21st, 5pm-9pm

Saturday, June 22nd, 11am-10pm

Sunday, June 23rd, 12pm-6pm


Have fun! Cheers! 

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Mitch Preciado June 5th, 2019

Happy Birthday Facts....

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #25When reflecting on the most important date of June 5th I started looking at what individuals with birthdays today have contributed to our society and how they might have something in common with myself. I'd like to be begin with John Carlos.. Being a huge fan of Track & Field, Carlos is well remembered for his protest at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Well I have run track but have never been the center of worldwide attention by protesting human rights!

For the better part of my life I have always been business oriented, but really on the micro level, as in dealing with retail sales at the unit/district level. But when it comes to the

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Mitch Preciado May 15, 2019 

Is the World Too Crowded...

All things nothing, something, and Real Estate - # 24

Current population of the world is approximate 7.6 million with the U.S. in third place at 328 million. However the two most populous countries far exceed the U.S. by 1 billion each! Where do we go from here... consensus has the world population exceeding 11 billion by the year 2100. Question is - Can the Earth sustain this growth?

This growth has long term consequences on the planet including: more land being needed for agriculture; more resources being used just to sustain the population; habitats being destroyed; resources unable to be replenished; negative affects on the atmosphere. In short sustainability has become a

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G&S Farms in Brentwood is kicking off the U-Pick cherry season this weekend! 


Head over on May 11th for your farm fresh cherries! Who's in?

To see G&S Farms events, schedules and more on their Facebook page HERE!

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This past Saturday when we held our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and wow, what a day it was!

The egg hunt is just a small piece to what makes this such a fun and enriching event. We are so grateful for the privilege of sitting down with over 300 members of our community to enjoy a barbecue and the beautiful Spring weather.

Seeing all the kids and adults with smiles, sharing laughs together, and have a full-filled few hours is what makes it so worth it to hold this free event for our community members.

We hope everyone had a great time... We know we did!

Thanks for coming and we hope to see you at our next event!


Check out our facebook page for video from this event and more by clicking HERE!



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Mitch Preciado April 13, 2019 Why Is There So Much Traffic... All things nothing, something, and Real Estate... #23

Taking the last couple weeks off blogging (sort of a tiny springbreak), the family ventured to Southern California to primarily look at colleges and a track meet . Of course some pre-planning had to be done to ensure we didn't waste precious time in unnecessary traffic. Didn't help much... once you are stuck in traffic you are stuck!

Did you ever stop to think about what causes traffic in the first place. Well, beyond the obvious, road capacity or fluid dynamics will tell you that only so much flow can move through a particular pathway. But beyond that... human nature and poor driving skills add a whole lot to increasing

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The 5th Annual Discovery Bay Triathlon is this Sunday! 


Head over to the Discovery Bay marina to see the athletes do their 700 yard swim, and take off on their bikes for the 16 mile cycle. Stick around for finish line finale and see who wins! 

Enjoy music and tons of awesome vendors while you're there! 

To see more on this event, check out their facebook page HERE


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